Salsa North West have been fundraising for Jack and Jill School in Zambia for a few years now.

Jack and Jill School, Choma, Zambia is in very poor condition and is in need of our support. Many of the children in the district of Choma are from families devastted by HIV/AIDS, resulting in many losing a parent or becoming orphans. This means these children can often go without education and care.

We are so excited to be able to visit the Jack & Jill School this year, 2022, and are making lots of plans to take whatever supplies and treats we can fit in our cases.  During our visit, our group are hoping to do some of the jobs that the school needs, such as painting walls, small repairs and just getting involved in games and teaching skills.

If you would like to help us fund the supplies, please let us know.  Taking actual items will depend a lot on what we can fit in our cases, but donating funds means we can buy in the supplies when we are in Choma.

We have been very fortunate to have received a donation from The Keswick Lions.  Working closely with Andy and Diane Cannon, we have been donated a large sum of money which has now seen the school refurbished.  The rooms have had the walls and roof made good, additional classrooms made by dividing a larger room.  The electrics have been made safe and the school now has windows.  We also have toilets.

We will always be grateful for the help that The Keswick Lions have provided.

It is still important that we continie to help. We aim to raise the funds to continue to provide access to education for the children in the Choma region.  Our funds will provide uniforms, books, supplies and hopefully contribute to the running costs of the school.

We are raising funds to improve and extend the school.

Jack and Jill School Fund also supports individual children to attend the school. We have a number of sponsors who each support a child to attend the school for a year at a time.  It costs an average of £168 per child for a full year.

Would you like to get involved, perhaps you would like to sponsor a child or help support the school.

If you have further interest in our charity work please contact us via

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Have you heard of Easy Fund Raising? 
Do you shop online?  Would you like to donate to our fundraiser for the school?  You can do this just by shopping through this link.  Once you are signed up, go shopping and the retailer will donate to our fund.  This is all free and will cost you nothing, well, except your normal shopping,  not even the donation.  Just a few clicks…

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