Leah Pritchard

Leah Pitchard Salsa North West
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Member of World Salsa Federation

Leah became an Associate of the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) of Professional Teachers of Dancing in July 2007 and is a fully qualified dance teacher. Leah is my niece and has only been dancing Salsa since 2004, but within the first year, due to her unique but natural dance style, she became my dance partner. She learns new moves extremely quickly and easily brings in her own style to the moves, which makes her dancing very attractive to watch. In 2005, we won the Midlands Salsa Championship, held in Birmingham, which qualified us for the UK Salsa Open Champion 2005, held in Bognor Regis, where we came 6th. Leah also went to Aruba where we came 1st in a pre World Championship Competition.

As well as entering competitions, Leah is my partner for shows, performances and demonstrations, which we are invited to present all over the UK and abroad!

Jacqueline Moss & Phil Kaila

My first dance partner. I met Jackie in 1997, when I first started salsa, at Jim and Heather’s Salsa classes at Chorley. I was a bit nervous to ask Jackie to dance because she was already a really good salsa dancer, with a long history of dancing. However, we danced really well together and we became dancing partners.

In 2002 we became Joint 2nd British National Salsa Champion and 3rd British Merengue Champion, held in Blackpool. The next year, in 2003, we became North West Salsa Champion, held in Manchester and 4th British Salsa Champion, held in London.

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